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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main purpose of the WeAreOne collaborative group?

The main purpose of the WeAreOne collaborative group is to allow diabetes professionals living with type 1 diabetes to communicate with each other on the many different aspects and advances in the type 1 space. Some examples include referrals, update on diabetes meetings, research advances, consulting, speaking, sharing protocols and other ideas relating to type 1 diabetes.

How is WeAreOne different from other platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook?

WeAreOne is unique because it brings together diabetes professionals working in the field who are also living with type 1 diabetes. There is no other site like this one.

Who is eligible to be a WeAreOne member?

The first criteria are that you have to have type 1 diabetes. The second is that you are working in the diabetes space. Health care professionals, pharmaceutical and device company representatives, social media folks, etc.

Who should I contact if I have questions or suggestions for the WeAreOne website?

Answer: The best individuals to contact are Steve Edelman, Jeremy Pettus and Sandy Bourdette (steve@tcoyd.org , jpettus@ucsd.edu , sandy@tcoyd.org)

Is WeAreOne for diabetes professionals with type 1 in the U.S. only?

WeAreOne is open to any diabetes professional living with type 1 anywhere in the world. We are all blood brothers!

How is WeAreOne funded?

WeAreOne is a TCOYD (Taking Control Of Your Diabetes 501c3) initiative and the funds needed to support the site are from TCOYD. We are looking for sponsors of WeAreOne to help support the site over the long term.

Who are the web designers?

The initiation of the web site was produced by James Rosenberg and his team at alberoMed (www.alberoMed.com) and their work was redesigned and redeveloped by the team at Versa (www.versacomputing.com).