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We Are One Sponsorship


The concept for WeAreOne came from fact that more and more professionals working in the diabetes space are also living with type 1 diabetes. WeAreOne is a collaborative group with the purpose of bringing together and promoting information exchange between diabetes professional with type 1; however, the group will take on a life of it's own as it matures, grows in number and we receive additional ideas from our members.

As WeAreOne grows, it will be a great resource for keeping up to date on the latest in type 1 research, medications, other than insulin, that are now being used to treat type 1, advances in continuous glucose monitoring, new technologies, upcoming meetings focusing on type 1s, etc. It will also help to form advisory boards, speaking and consulting opportunities, referral of patients, networking, sharing protocols...the potential benefits are endless.

WeAreOne is an initiative of TCOYD and under the 501c3 not for profit umbrella. We need your sponsorship to help support and maintain the website. Sponsors will be acknowledged on the site and also have the opportunity for banner advertisements or announcements on the site. We will have our minds and ears open to new ideas presented to us by our sponsors that would be appropriate for the site.

WeAreOne is a special group of professionals who understand the diabetes space better than anyone and, with your sponsorship, we can grow together, learn together and improve the lives of people with diabetes together.