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Our Mission


We Are One is an online collaborative center for diabetes professionals who are living with type 1 diabetes. We Are One provides a means of connecting these unique individuals within the diabetes space to promote networking and the exchange of information between professionals involved in all aspects of diabetes management including clinical care, research, online communities, and the pharmaceutical and device industries.

We Are One is an initiative of Taking Control Of Your Diabetes® (TCOYD®). Watch the video to learn more about why we started We Are One.

Diabetes Professionals with Diabetes



Let’s Get Together

Let’s be honest…. As diabetes professionals living with type 1 diabetes, we have a unique insight into the disease. It has also inspired many of us to define our careers around diabetes in some way. We are a unique group of individuals who are both living with the condition and working in the diabetes space. We need to be connected because WeAreOne! Bringing all of us together is the main purpose of this site.


Communicate, Search and Refer

There are a lot of ways to find colleagues out there, but this is a very special group of folks. Anyone you come across on this site is living with type 1 diabetes. You can meet people like yourself, refer patients and others looking for a professional with type 1 diabetes no matter what the area of expertise and start a dialogue by sending them a message with just the touch of a button!


Tell Us Who You Are

Set up your own profile page with as much or as little information about you as you care to share. Everyone living with type 1 has a unique story that can be extremely powerful. What story do you have to tell about your life with diabetes? How and when were you diagnosed? What is your philosophy on living with the condition and what do you share with others to help them live well with type 1? Offer your own insights in building a page that is as unique as you are.


Stay Up to Date

Get information about upcoming conferences, relevant publications, important treatment advances, research and consulting opportunities and more. Have a question about what to do with a patient? Send a colleague a quick note and know you are getting expertise from somebody also living with type 1. Share protocols, handouts, websites, and other diabetes information with other specialists in the field.


Find a Referral

Looking for a good nutritionist living with type 1 diabetes outside Philadelphia? Or Chicago? Or Tampa? Need an endocrinologist in San Diego? How about a lawyer specializing in diabetes? Or maybe you are organizing a conference in a certain area and are looking for people to speak. Search our registry by name, type of profession and geographic location quickly and efficiently. Once you find who you are looking for, send them a message and strike up a conversation.


Don’t Have to be a Health Care Provider

WeAreOne is for EVERYONE professionally involved in the type 1 diabetes space who is also living with type 1. Medical professionals, people who work in the pharmaceutical or device industries, bloggers and other social media folks, journalists and authors, and so on. You name it. If you are in the diabetes “space” and have type 1, WeAreOne will serve you well.

Join other type 1 diabetes professionals from all over the world.

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